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We are a locally owned, third generation family operated company. We have exclusively served the Fairport community and its immediate surrounding areas since 1977. This company was built upon the backs of a father and son who wanted to make a better way of life for themselves and their families.

Our company started with our Grandparents Butch and Noreen Kuhn. That is how we got our name. Butch and his son Michael started the company by servicing a handful of friends and neighbors using their own pickup trucks and dumping everything by hand. Noreen took care of the office side of the company using their home phone for customer contact and the company "database" was kept on a Rolodex up until the early 1990's."

As the company grew they were able to purchase their first garbage truck. You can imagine what that first truck meant to them, the relief from the abuse their bodies took every day from the hard physical labor. Butch and Noreen eventually passed the "torch" onto their oldest son Michael. Michael and his young son John worked very hard to overcome the many struggles of owning their own business.  John gave up his teenage summers to help his dad with the business. It wasn't easy, it didn't matter if it was the middle of the night or 10 degrees below freezing, they only had two trucks and if one of them broke down they stayed up all night to fix it to make sure every customer was picked up on time the next day. We still hold that belief today. We do whatever it takes to make sure everyone one of our customers receives the best service we can provide.

Mike drove one of his trucks for the company for many years, B&N was his life and legacy to his family. He worked right up until his death in 2013. After his passing Mikes son John purchased the company from the family to continue that legacy.

John and his Wife Wendy are in their 9th year owning and running B&N.   Half of the companies employees are family members and the other half is considered family. When Wendy and John took over They added many current day conveniences most companies already offered. A company website was built, B&N entered social media, added email billing, auto pay, began accepting credit card payments and on line account management. Since 2013 the company has almost doubled in size.

Our Story is still continuing, we hope to be around for a long time to help the fourth generation that will soon be coming of age.......

This is not a job for us this is our life.